The Strativerse: an interactive collection of time-stratigraphic records of environmental change


Since the mid-1960s, geoscientists have collected sediment-based trace metal records from lakes around the world. The combination of previous records of trace metal accumulation have an impressive spatial and temporal extent but are difficult to locate and/or evaluate together due to limited machine-readable information, particularly for earlier studies. The Strativerse ( is a collection of geographic features and analytes that are associated with each publication, providing the ability to locate the collective literature for a given geographical region and/or analyte. The fundamental unit in the Strativerse is the record: records are samples (or collections of samples) that form a record of environmental change from a feature (e.g., a lake or glacier). Records list publications that refer to them, and parameters that were measured on them. At present, most records in the Strativerse are lake sediment cores, or clusters of sediment cores that could not be disambiguated from consulting the relevant publications. Metadata is stored as a collection of text files hosted on GitHub, complied into JSON and HTML by Hugo, and served by Netlify. Building the collection of metadata is currently ongoing.

Atlantic Geoscience Society Colloquium